Oh hi! I'm Lisa Van Orman Hadley. This is my fourth-grade picture, taken during a weird era when school photographers were feeling bored and restless. They were experimenting. The same might be said of me while writing Irreversible Things. I don't know why I had a Princeton shirt; I think it was on sale. 

Hey! It's me again. All book events have been canceled until further notice. Stay safe and read a book. May I suggest Hunger by Roxane Gay or A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews? 

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Fiction. Literary Nonfiction. Brimming with wit and heart, Irreversible Things follows three decades in the life of author-qua-narrator Lisa and her charismatic Mormon family, from childhood to puberty to adulthood. From a young girl grappling with early friendships, first crushes, and a beloved neighbor's shocking murder, to a young woman beginning her own family, dealing with infertility, and caring for a father with Alzheimer's, this work expands our understanding of the novel form, weaving together memoir, fiction, and the fiction of remembering.





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